May 17, 2019


The totals for the Dump Ministry School distribution are:* 159 children from our Special Treasures Dump Ministry completely outfitted for school
* 40 children from our Church Plant Cristo Rey completely outfitted for school
* 20 children from Calvary Church partially outfitted for school
219 total children able to go to school because of your generous support!

Special thanks to Tish and her large team of volunteers that gave hundreds of hours in this fundraising, purchasing and distribution. Thank you to all the supporters that gave sacrificially in donations of materials, money and many hours of prayer to make a big impact for the Kingdom and for His glory!

Highlights & Current Projects


Thanks be to our gracious Lord, we are nearing completion of the renovation at the Sandy Bay Children's Home girl's dorm. Once complete this will allow them to double their capacity. We have a team arriving this next Sunday that will be working on this project from near our hometown of Knoxville.


After 8 months, the dump is still on fire and the impact on the health of the community has been very detrimental to say the least. Many more folks have been sick and experienced not ony breathing problems but overall health issues. Hope is close as the government has bought the land beside the dump and will begin spreading it out next week to start the long process of extinguishing the flames. This has displaced many of our families who were given only a few days to move out of land they have been on for the last 7 years. We were able to convince Mr. Rene who lives in the dump to finally come to an apartment at a church and he is very happy. We had tried in the past but he wouldn't leave. Two other families are having to deconstruct their homes and Roatan Mission is assisting in purchasing materials and moving them down the road.

The land our water tank for the dump was on is part of the land being used for the excavation so we had to move the tank and unfortunately it broke in the move. The new tank was over $1200 and if you are able to give towards this that would be a blessing as we had to take money out of our medical budget to pay for it.

Our big dream is to buy approximately two acres of land near the dump as a base of operations. Praise God, we have raised just over $22,000 of our goal of $65,000. Please join us in praying for this land and that God would provide a base of operations for this ministry and these families to end the cycle of despair.


We have a number of new graduates from the Rehab as well as two baptisms of the students. Congratulations Darwin on his graduation, baptism and please pray for him as he helps in a leadership role at the Rehab. The Rehab moved its location from Coxen Hole to Mud Hole near the dump to be further away from the temptation and dealers. They still have their church service every Saturday and many lives are being changed! They are in need of $50 or $100 monthly sponsors to keep the ministry going. Of course 100% of proceeds go directly to their efforts.

How can you help?

We need your prayers, support and teams!

Current project needs for prayer, finances and mission teams include an orphanage dorm construction/ painting at the orphanage, projects at a church/hurricane shelter, sports and tutoring at Orphanage and Miss Deborah's school and construction and medical assistance at the local dump. We love seeing teams come to serve and we know that it always gives a broader understanding of God's kingdom. Housing is available for teams and families at

Please join with us in praying for these and many more spiritual and physical needs. We need your support to continue! Please pray about becoming a one time or monthly sponsor!

Always needed donations
We are in need of solar lights, clothing, soccer uniforms, cleats and balls, shoes (sizes 6-10), first aid kits, hygiene kits and /or money to purchase these items on the island.

In the last year God has provided through your support of Roatan Mission:
Over 325 visits to the clinic for medical needs.

Distribution of:
Over 90 solar lights
Over 1500 lbs of clothing
400 pairs of shoes
School supplies for over 220 needy children
Launch of 1 new church plant and continued support for two more!
Over 50,000 gallons of fresh water for families at the dump

Click here for more info on supporting Roatan Mission!

R Church
Our church in West Bay continues to grow with about 150 attending weekly and we are praying about space for the upcoming high season. Travis just celebrated his 5th year as pastor of R Church and is currently teaching through the book of Mark in a sermon series title "Discovering the Savior".
Tish continues to see counseling clients and is on call for emergencies at Clinica Esperanza, and around the island. She also does therapy at Sandy Bay Orphanage and leads the Ladies Bible study.

May God Bless You!

En Cristo,
Travis, Tish, Ella, Zach, Heather and Eli
US: 865-332-5502

The Morin family is self supported so ALL FUNDS got to ministry projects. Roatan Mission is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.