Oct 22, 2015

Greetings, friends! We hope you enjoyed our "video newsletter" from the summer months of June and July. We know that sometimes pictures can capture more than words can.
We are currently enjoying the beginnings of a bit cooler weather. September was rough!
There is so much going on and we really love sharing it with you. For those of you who have been down to visit- we can't thank you enough! It was very special this summer to have the Case family, the Guzman family, Roy Miller, Suzie and Tyler Clark and so many others who came and do ministry with us.
We were blessed with the opportunity in mid July to visit with one of our wonderful sponsor churches in Indiana,Wesley United Methodist in Union City. We got to meet many church members and thank them for what they have done to help the dump ministry. People have fresh water to drink every day because of their generosity! What a wonderful way to put "A cup of water in His name" into practice for those in need.

Current projects


The church build is in full swing up in the Sandy Bay Colonia. Pastor Rossel (pictured with Travis) is very excited to see things coming together and is already meeting in his new house beside the church. We had to special order timber from the mainland for the second floor beams in order to put the floor on. The wood arrived late but got to the site earlier today! This church will benefit a community in great need. The building will have many uses as a community center, storm shelter,location for bible studies and of course, church services.

R Church has moved into a larger Conference Room

Our church in West Bay will move to a larger conference room which can hold 150 people in Infinity Bay this week. This will accommodate our growing numbers and provide a more "sound friendly" space. We are excited to have even more space to invite guests.
We especially welcome our newest brother in Christ, George Green! He has grown very dear to our hearts!

Special Treasures Ministry

The Special Treasures ministry is continuing to be a blessing both to us and to those who work and live at the dump. We are always humbled by the kindness they show us and we are getting to know more of the families. The children of this ministry are being faithful in school attendance and we are really proud of their hard work.
Our church members help with distributing food goods, hot lunches and various donations for this ministry. We pray with them and address medical needs when they arise also.

Every gift, no matter the size is precious to us and
will be used to the highest possible good.
Thank you in advance for your partnership with us.
All gifts are tax-deductible.


Computer Donations help many ministries!

We recently received a donation of computers from Pastor Doug and his radio ministry! Two went to Casa de Luz seen above, one to the church and two to Clinica Esperanza! They were such a blessing and will be used daily! If you have any used laptops that are in good condition we would love to help get them into the hands of ministry partners here! All gifts such as this are tax deductible!

Buy MIssions Coffee Today- Wonderful for Christmas Gifts!

PLEASE SUPPORT THE COFFEE MINISTRY! We have 60 lbs of Fresh coffee in the states! We would love to keep our ladies busy roasting so please consider as Christmas gifts! Just $12 per bag and less with larger orders! When you order missions coffee you are helping support a real family with very real needs. The women who work to roast and package the coffee are able to put food on their tables. WHY DRINK ANYTHING ELSE? We promise you will love the taste and rich flavor! You can order online here.

Tish Ministry Update

We would like to introduce you to 2 year old Eduardo, the newest child at the Sandy Bay Lighthouse Children's Home! He is adjusting nicely and 3 year old Emmanuel likes to call him "the little one". Tish is continuing counseling at Clinica Esperanza and working with the children's homes. She just returned from their annual board meeting in the states. She has also begun working on Fridays as a counselor at the Island Academy school where Eli and Heather are attending. This has been a wonderful way to meet more families in the community .

You can see lots of info on the orphanage at sblmroatan.org.
Consider being a child's sponsor. It is quick and easy to do on the above website.

Kids Update

Ella actually ended up having a pinched nerve in her neck which was causing all the problems in her hands and wrists. She has had months of physical therapy and has become much better. We are thankful to the Lord for healing her and allowing her to resume playing piano for church services. Heather and Eli started school in August at a local school called Island Academy. This is giving Tish more time in home school with the older two who have classes that are needing more involved. So far school is going well for everyone.
Zach and Eli have been learning the very interesting skill of knife making from one of our islander neighbors. They have enjoyed cutting blades out of old saws, old machetes and other pieces of metal. They have used local wood and drift wood to make some interesting handles. Zach is continuing leading children's church and the group is growing!

We thank God for each of you and appreciate your prayers and support! May God bless you richly!
En Cristo,
Travis, Tish, Ella, Zach, Heather and Eli
US: 865-332-5502