May 26, 2015

At R church, we are going through Genesis and it has me thinking about two questions God asks. The first is after Adam sins and God calls out, "Where are you?" Now God already knew were Adam was but I believe He asks this for Adam to think about where he is now spiritually? Adam was hiding in the bushes, trying to cover himself and ashamed of his sin.
The second question happens in the next chapter. We just finished Genesis 4 where Cain kills Abel. After the murder God asks "Where is your brother?". Now God already knew where Abel was but I believe He did this to give Cain an opportunity to repent. Cain's response is "I don't know, am I my brothers keeper?" Cain was a farmer and Abel was a Shepherd, a "keeper" of the flock. Cain says I am not my brothers shepherd, one who cares for him, watches over him. Frankly, I don't care about him at all. And he proved it by his actions.
I believe God is asking us, "Where are you?" How would you answer right now?Where are you spiritually at this moment? Are you in a close relationship with and connected to Jesus? Or are you hiding from God, scared to approach? Ashamed, guilt-ridden, afraid? God is always ready with open arms for us to come back to Him.
As Christians, we understand we are all descended from Adam and Eve and are thus all related. Knowing this, how do we respond when God asks us, "Where is your brother/sister? Are they hurting, in pain, struggling, poor, sick, without hope, without knowledge of the hope we have in Jesus? How well have we undertaken the task Jesus gives us to care for, to shepherd, to be a keeper to the last, the least and the lost.

Current projects
Well "rainy season" and "busy season" is over (October through February) for Roatan and we are entering the time of year when there are less visitors to the island. This means that the need will grow through October as the locals who depend on tourist dollars spend the little they were able to save. Please pray for the communities as they struggle to put food on the table.

COLONIA CHURCH - The foundation of the church is almost complete(see pictures). We are looking for teams to help with the construction and finishing/ painting of the church so please let us know if your church or organization may be interested in putting a team together. Would you consider partnering with us to complete this project? We have two teams coming in July to assist and we are hopeful to get the first floor completed during this time.

Dump Ministry Needs - Thanks to all who gave to get the kids at the dump enrolled in school. We are proud to announce that out of the 51 kids sponsored, 10 of them are now honor roll students! They are not only attending but also excelling with the opportunity God has provided. We are currently looking at a kitchen project at the school they attend. The government provides flour, rice and beans for lunches, but they have nowhere to prepare it. They have the space so we are hoping to construct a basic kitchen for the preparation of the food and a water tank for clean, fresh water for the 800 students attending. A friend of the ministry just donated 6 whiteboards for the classrooms.

On our last couple visits to the dump, we were blessed to have my mother, sister and Aunt visiting. They brought special donations of knitted items for the children. See the new baby with her new cap in the picture above. Miss Peggy's volunteers did a small clinic providing for the medical needs of the people there. One of the leaders at the dump is called Santos and we are currently attempting to get him dentures as he has very few teeth.

Every gift, no matter the size is precious to us and
will be used to the highest possible good.
Thank you in advance for your partnership with us.
All gifts are tax-deductible.


THEY HAVE BOOKS!!! But more teacher's materials needed...

We recently purchased $1500 in books and supplies from donations received for the Modelo school so that the teachers now have books to teach from. Thank you to all who donated! We are still working on providing the school more basic needs like paper, pens and supplies so your continued donations are appreciated towards this goal.

Buy MIssions Coffee Today!

PLEASE SUPPORT THE COFFEE MINISTRY! Please order and help support the ministry here! When you order missions coffee you are helping support a real family with very real needs. The women who work to roast and package the coffee are able to put food on their tables. WHY DRINK ANYTHING ELSE? We promise you will love the taste and rich flavor! You can order online here: Shop Missions Coffee

Tish Ministry Update
Tish continues to work with the Children's home in Sandy Bay and has added a child at the Gravel Bay Children's home. She is teaching this sweet 14 year old Bryon how to read and also how to deal with anger issues. Please pray for the Children's homes and consider becoming a monthly sponsor or buying a dirt shirt to support the orphanage! You can see lots of info at

Kids Update

The kids and Tish have just wrapped up home school! Not sure who is happier!
Zach continues to lead Children's Church and is doing an excellent job. Heather has volunteered at the clinic sorting files and counting pills. Eli has been helping out at the dive shop. Please pray for Ella as she has been suffering from carpal tunnel in both wrists and is unable to play piano for many weeks. Please pray for quick healing! All our kids are looking forward to our trip to the states in late June!

Thanks Roy Miller!
We were also very blessed during the month of May to have our good friend Roy Miller visit the island and bring down many donations from his home church in Orlando, FL for various ministries including thousands of dollars worth of eyeglasses and dental tools that have been distributed to various clinics on the island and on the mainland. It is such a blessing to have folks visit and lend a helping hand!

We thank God for each of you and appreciate your prayers and support! May God bless you richly!
En Cristo,
Travis, Tish, Ella, Zach, Heather and Eli
US: 865-332-5502