Feb 8, 2015

Greetings and we hope you are off to a great start in this new year! We have been so busy with Ministry, Church, Christmas, donations and local school preparations we have not had much time to dedicate to writing. Those who are connected with us on Facebook have seen some of the things we have been busy with. We are very grateful to God for all He has accomplished and thank you for your continued prayers and support! They are needed more than ever as the ministry has grown and more people are reached with the love of Christ and truth of the Gospel.

Current projects - SPECIAL TREASURES - Dump Ministry Expansion

We have a new name for the Dump Ministry! We really never liked referring to it as such but we didn't have another name for it. While we still need to communicate what we do there, we felt we needed a name that represented the true value of the adults and children there. After much thought and prayer we are calling the ministry Special Treasures after Deuteronomy 7:6 which says "For you are a holy people, who belong to the LORD your God. Of all the people on earth, the LORD your God has chosen you to be his own special treasure." Isn't that amazing that when God calls us to Himself, he says we are His "Special Treasure!" While many people don't value the people at the dump, God does. An american drove by while we were there last week and berated us for helping "those diseased people". Thank the Lord many of them don't speak english and didn't know what the angry person was yelling. God knows better and so do we, so please pray for that person and these Special Treasures of God as they work so hard daily for treasures that will help put food on their table.


Hurry up and wait is now over! We were delayed in our efforts to start on the new church excavation due to a moratorium by the government during rainy season. That has now ended and our excavation begins this month. We have $9,000 given/pledged out of a total of $18,000 estimated to complete. We are looking for teams to help with the construction and finishing/ painting of the church so please let us know if your church or organization may be interested in putting a team together. Would you consider partnering with us to complete this project?

Dump Ministry School Project

Thanks to all those who gave to enroll the children of the families who work and live at the dump in school. Our goal was to enroll 35 students who couldn't afford to go to school because they had no uniform or supplies. It was $75 per child for all their needs. Thanks be to God, we have enrolled 51!!! We went over our budget so donations are still appreciated to finish this up. These are children who, most of which, have never attended school before or only briefly and now have the opportunity to receive an education. We are also sending six high school girls to a school farther away that has the better high school education. They need transportation which will be $30 per month per student. The school that is closest to them is not very safe or good for the special program they need. These are girls between 16 and 19 who have only completed first or second grade. Please pray about helping with this expense as we don't know where the money for this will come.
Every gift, no matter the size is precious to us and
will be used to the highest possible good.
Thank you in advance for your partnership with us.
All gifts are tax-deductible.



We discovered last week that the school that our ministry kids will be attending has nearly no books, needs white boards, and has no paper for the teachers as the government hasn't provided the funds for them to get them. We are currently raising funds to provide the most needed materials. The cost to outfit the school with the basic needs will be about $2500. We have raised $1000 so far. This is an urgent needs as school starts this Monday! Each book for a teacher to teach from is $12 and a set of books for a teacher is $50. Would you please pray about buying a book or set of books for a teacher? There are 30 teachers at the school.

Buy MIssions Coffee Today!

PLEASE SUPPORT THE COFFEE MINISTRY! Please order and help support the ministry here! When you order missions coffee you are helping support a real family with very real needs. The women who work to roast and package the coffee are able to put food on their tables. WHY DRINK ANYTHING ELSE? We promise you will love the taste and rich flavor! You can order online here:
Shop Missions Coffee

Tish Ministry Update

Tish continues to work with the Children's home in Sandy Bay doing therapy and as a board member. Tish and Travis helped print and deliver new Roatan Dirt Shirts for them to use as a fundraiser.(See image) They are stained and sealed with genuine Honduran red clay. She and the board will be working on funding for the home, developing the aging out program, and working on the development of the school onsite at the home. Please pray for the Children's home and consider becoming a monthly sponsor or buying a dirt shirt to support the orphanage! You can see lots of info at sblmroatan.org.

Kids Update

Zachary continues to lead Children's Church and doing an excellent job. Ella has started an internship with a local hotel and spa and both she and Zach are coming along in her driving lessons with Travis. Dodging potholes makes it more like a slalom course some days. Eli and Heather help volunteer with the orphanage and at the clinic as well as at the Dump Ministry. The kids have been certified in scuba diving now with Ella in the process of finishing up her course. It helps that Dad is an instructor.

R Church & Friends!

R Church continues to grow and expand. We are averaging over a hundred each week now and we had to purchase 30 additional chairs to accommodate the growth. Travis is finishing up teaching through the book of Acts and will be doing a series in Genesis before moving onto Romans. In addition to preaching, construction and evangelism, he is continuing teaching bi-lingual Theology courses each Tuesday morning which is training the next generation of Christian leaders and pastors for service.

We were also very blessed during the month of December to have our friends the Sassenbergs come down and visit and assist in ministry around the island! They taught sewing classes, helped with the dump and other projects! Also, Jamie Pratt and her friend Susie Clark came for a week in January and helped with painting and volunterering at the clinic and dump ministry! It is such a blessing to have folks visit and lend a helping hand!

We thank God for each of you and appreciate your prayers and support! May God bless you richly!
En Cristo,
Travis, Tish, Ella, Zachary, Heather and Eli
US: 865-332-5502