Dump Ministry Land Project Fundraiser

We have been working with the community that lives and works at the local dump since 2012. It began as a feeding program and weekly gospel message and has added deepening relationships, medical assistance, school uniform program, clean water distribution, construction assistance and more. They are looked down by all others in the society and treated like the Samaritans of Jesus day. They don’t have money for land to buy or even to rent and end up squatting on land. Every six months or so, the government comes in and bulldozes their houses. Many have also been lost to fire and collapse from unsafe construction. We believe God is leading us to purchase 2-3 acres to establish a church and community center and additoonal land where we can provide safe and affordable housing. This will provide a safe place for job training, spiritual growth and discipleship. We estimate purchasing the land to be approximaely $95,000 with additional funds needed for land preparation, infrastructure and construction.